Nov 25, 2011

Out of State 2011

            November proved to be a good month for out of state hunting trips in 2011.   We had three mature bucks killed, 2 from Ohio and a third from Virginia. 

            First to Score in the out of state category was my cousin Joe with this 150 pound eight pointer.   Joe killed his buck during the last 20 minutes of a seven day bow trip to Ohio.  Out of the four guys in his hunting party, Joe was the only hunter to fill his tag.   This deer was harvested on public land with an Excalibur Vortex crossbow outfitted with Spitfire broad heads.  

           On account of nightfall approaching Joe opted to wait until the following morning to recover his deer.  This buck only ran 40 yards before he ran out of blood.

         When Joe returned from his trip we took the deer to our local check station to have him weighed   For some reason the deer are not weighed in Ohio.    This deer dressed out at 150 pounds even.

  This big nine pointer was the next deer to be taken and it too is also an Ohio bow season kill. Elmer Killed this 130 class 9 pointer on a bow hunt Wednesday November 9th on  private ground.  Elmer shot this 170 pound buck as it was preparing to cross a stream.   He took a 60 yd shot with his Stryker crossbow hitting the buck in the spine and paralyzing it.   The deer then rolled down the embankment and landed in the stream where Elmer shot him again and then tied him to a fallen tree so as to keep him from floating down river.

 Elmer's buck wieghed in at 170 pounds even.

       Next to make a kill was my cousin Bill with this long tine eight pointer.   Bill took this Virginia buck during a morning hunt on 11-11-11 with his muzzle loader.   

Here is a cell phone pic of the buck as it lay where he shot it.