Aug 12, 2002

Shotgun Season 02

This is an ammendment to my original blog post. I started the blog with the season of 03 because that is when I had aquired my first digital camera. Recently, however, I stumbled across these pictures taken with a digital Nikon by my father and just had to post them up.

Here is a picture of me and my cousin Pete with our deer that we killed during the six day firearm season December 2002.

I shot this deer on a three man soft push in a small private piece Thursday of Shotgun week 2002. I spotted him about 50 yds out and decided to wait to take the shot. He was with five does, that, earlier in the week I had let run past me on the same drive. Sure enough, the does, sensing it was safe proceeded to trot right past me within 15 yds. He followed them in and i hit him with a 20 gauge slug in the neck dropping him in his tracks.