Dec 29, 2007

Shotgun Season 07

Shotgun season 07 proved to be a difficult hunt. We had Limited succuss in the stands on Monday morning. My buddy Mikey Bess did happen to put down this basket seven at around quarter to 8.

We hunted hard Monday and Tuesday both sitting and in the stands. There was alot of talk among hunters about the devastation of blue tongue and I was starting to buy into the hype.We hadn't seen a deer.

Wednesday, Mother Nature provided us with a treat....Snow.

My Cousin...

It started snowing a little past mid-day and managed to free up people schedules whom were otherwise obligated to work. We rallied and set up a few drives in Franklinville where we have had past success. On the first drive, I caught a flash of what looked to be a big deer through heavily falling snow. Upon inspection of the tracks, I knew that I had missed out on the opportunity of the season. On the next drive i got 2 deer up and My cousin pepe put three shots into this 4 pointer.
It broke to the field and just as it was about to fall Johnny Wengert finished it off with a slug from a ladder stand center field.

Friday, after a fruitless week of sitting in the mornings and evenings in a new spot I was trying out, I opted to hunt my dad's piece to increase my chances of succuss. Early on I saw three does come in close. They milled around for a while and then passed through. About half an hour before dark I had a descent Y buck come through. He presented me with a 50 yd broadside opportunity and I took it. He ran another 50 yds. before dying here.

I took him to the Checking station and he weighed in at just under 100lbs.

While I was checking him in, we ran into this bruiser at the scale....

The last day, Saturday, was a bust. It was drizzling, the guys were disorganized, and i decided not to go out.

Not long after, in regular muzzle loader, Pepe's uncle Punch killed a nice Y buck.

All in all, 2007 turned out to be the year of the 4 pointer. We confirmed a few kills with more points than four, but out of the seven deer taken, 4 were 4 pointers. I can live with that.

As a footnote, this was a considerable buck that was dispatched by an automobile.

Dec 9, 2007

Early Muzzle Loader 2007

Due to the weather, early muzzle loader was a challenging hunt. The first morning was rainy. When that cleared up the wind picked up. It was difficult to hear and or see anything in the woods.

On account of the rain, most people that I know didn't even go out on Monday. I did. I did see one deer, a small buck, that didn't give me a shot.

Tuesday morning, my cousin Mark killed this eight pointer despite the wind.

He shot at 7:20 AM at about 25 yards.

the deer dressed out at 135 pounds.

Pepe had this deer done European.  
This is how it turned out.