Nov 25, 2007

2007 Extended Bow Season Continued....

My Dad shot this six pointer at 3:30 PM November 21st. It ended up dressing out at 126 lbs.

Here is another picture of the deer in color with a few rabbits that we shot on Thanksgiving Day.

Nov 17, 2007

Extended Bow 2007

My brother Andrew shot this four pointer at 3:22 PM today.

He shot directly through the heart, broadside, at 25 yards. The deer only ran about 30 yards, dying mid-stride.

Notice the puncture of the heart and lungs.... a textbook kill.

Getting ready to get ready

With muzzle loader fast approaching, my brother Andrew and I got in gear and went out to pick some deer apples.

With the both of us using 5 gallon buckets, it took us about 1/2 hour per crate. Totaling one hour to fill 2 apple bins.

The advantage to using the crates is the ease of placement of a large bait pile using a skid steer.

When you have the means to supply the deer with a big pile, it allows them to eat without competition. This draws in all the deer within that area and they stop frequenting the smaller less appealing food sources.