Nov 20, 2008

Ontario Canada, Early November 08

My dad and My uncle have been traveling to Ontario now for about 6 years hunting for whitetails. For the past two years they've opted to drive instead of fly to cut out the hassle and bring their deer back whole. This year was an exceptionally good year for my dad, and Uncle Roy came back with a trophy as well.
Above is the 10 pointer that my dad shot. Following is the 8 pointer that Roy had killed.
My Dad's deer dressed out at 243 lbs. It was his all time biggest whitetail. Needless to say I photographed it excessively.

Nov 9, 2008

Pre-Season 08

In anticapation of the 08 hunting season, and repeated sightings of substantial bucks in my area, I aquired a Telephoto lense for my Sony Cybershot DSC-H3. In conjunction with the lense, I also purchased a window clamp tripod mount to steady aim for those long shots into the back of fields.

With this new equiptment I managed to pull off a few desent pictures of some nice sized buck this pre season.

On the deep fields resolution suffers slightly when i have to zoom in digitally rather than optically. But overall I am fairly satisfied with the results considering the pictures that I used to try and capture using digital imaging.