Dec 12, 2003

Shotgun Season 2003

I am Starting this blog out at the 2003 hunting season for shotgun in New Jersey. The primary reason being that this is the first season i had a digital camera (sony mavica cd 500).

It wasn't a trophy year, but we did have some quantity. All together our group, consisting of mostly family, managed to shoot five deer, all bucks, over the course of shotgun week.

The Kill in my garage.

Uncle Steve started off the week with a quick kill on Tuesday, the second day, with a scrubby one horned three pointer. A buck none the less.

That same day, after the momentum of the first success, we did another drive in a small piece and Andy killed this buck.

This Deer is not hanging in the group picture due to complications at the checking station.

The next one, was the deer that i shot walking in to my stand in the evening on Thursday. I jump shot this deer, killing it with a 20 gauge slug at 83 yards. It looked a lot bigger from that distance. I thought it was at least a six pointer, but ended up only being a three.

No dice on Friday, but at least we had some dead deer to keep us company while drinking beer in the garage.

Saturday morning we resumed the killing when Uncle Steve filled his second buck tag with another four pointer. Very similar to the deer that Andy shot on Tuesday.

Our final kill was taken on state game land by Bill Patton. This deer got in between our standers twice before he shot it. This deer was a five pointer dressing 135 pounds. It was the biggest deer that we had gotten that year, and was blind in one eye. Luckily it had three points on one side, considering in that wildlife management zone it needed to have three points or better to be taken.

Right before the season, Me and my cousin (Mark a.k.a. Pepe), found this deer after it was hit by a car in a residential area. The force of the impact actually knocked its antlers right off of its skull.

This deer was a nine pointer with a 21 inch inside spread.