Sep 6, 2010

Early Bow 2010

My buddy Andy ended his regular bow season early when he killed this substantial 9 pointer early this morning. After killing his earn-a-buck doe just last evening (9-12), this buck walked into his range around 7:00 this morning. Andy told me that this deer was traveling with another buck, a tall racked 8 pointer with short brow tines that I believe my father had just caught on a trail cam the day before.

The deer presented him with a quartering toward shot, which is not ideal, but Andy made the shot count slicing him wide open with an expanding head. Although his shot did hit vital organs he also penetrated the entrails so he decided to leave the woods for a few hours to give ample time for the buck to expire. There was a limited blood trail which made the tracking a challenge but he found his deer not one hundred yards away.