Nov 19, 2009

Out of State 09

Dave began the out-of state killing for 09 with a nice 8 pointer taken with the bow in Kansas. He left NJ with his hunting party the day before Halloween, a Friday, and took this deer on Thursday evening. Dave had said to me, in the strictest of confidence, that the first shot he took at this deer missed at 18 yds. but the second connected hitting him in the liver at 35 yds. This buck is the second trophy taken by Dave in less than one month. He has really been connecting with the bow this year.

Dave's Kansas buck has long points and should score into the 130's. This deer is exceptionally impressive from behind as seen in the picture below.

This is a shot taken in the field that Dave had sent me via blackberry on the night of the hunt.

Next to score a kill on a hunt abroad was Andy with a heavy horned 8 pointer taken in Ontario Canada. He shot this buck on Wednesday November 4th at 8:20 a.m. Killing it with a 138 yards lung shot. The deer went 50yards. Live weight was 258lbs.

The second week of November in Ontario proved fruitful for 2 more South Jersey hunters taking these two big bodied bucks over 200lbs.

Gary's deer field dressed at 259lbs. This buck was a main frame 9 pointer with 3 sticker points, making it a twelve.

Chucky's deer weighed in at 220 lbs. This buck was visibly thinner in his hind quarters as he had been partaking in a good amount of breeding.

The second week in Canada this year was unseasonably warn for the north woods with temperatures reaching into the 50's. This resulted in restricted deer movement and a substantial decline in rut activity. Despite the conditions, Chucky was able to connect with this HUGE 15 point monster with double kickstand drop tines. The rack on this deer has mass, width and tine length.

Gary's deer had a huge head and neck as seen below.

Nov 2, 2009

Extended Bow 09

Extended Bow season started off this year on Halloween October 31st. Uncle Roy wasted no time filling his tag with this split brow six pointer(making it a seven). Roy said that this deer came in with four other bucks. There was a bigger 8 or 10 off in the distance and this deer was second biggest. When the buck gave him the opportunity after walking behind a double oak tree, he drew hitting him directly in the heart. There was a lot of blood and the buck was recovered 70 yds. from the shot location.

The next day, November 1st, my buddy Matt Killed this sizable 8 pointer on the evening hunt. Matt heard this deer grunting as he came in close to sun down. He had only seen one side of the rack and didn't realize just how big the deer actually was. He let an arrow fly at nearly 40 yds and nailed in directly in the heart, a textbook shot. Matt was hunting in a swamp, and with the copious amounts of rain that have been falling in SJ, he had his work cut out for him recovering the deer in the swamp. This buck only went 50 yds after the shot, but Matt needed to wear chest waders to drag him out. It took him over an hour to get him to the truck which was only 60 yds away. This deer dressed 169 pound and is the nicest deer ever taken by Matt.

The rut is clearly on and I expect lots of updates in the coming weeks.