Oct 29, 2011

Bow Season 2011

Bow season started off this year extremely slow. Everyone had good activity on the trail cameras, but warm weather and an abundance of acorns made seeing and patterning the bucks difficult.

Uncle Roy killed this high racked seven pointer on an evening hunt on the the last day of regular bow season. He set up in the swamp where he was able to pattern regular buck movement. Roy was seeing 3 to five different bucks in this area regularly where he was set up on a crossroad of deer runs. This buck came right down the trail to him and he hammered him at point blank range strait down through the middle of the deer's sholder blades. His deer was real easy to track as it was spurting blood six feet into the air.

This deer had fairly decent heft to him and I would estimate he weighed in the 120 to 130 pound range.

Roy killed his buck with a Mathews Reezen compound bow in conjunction with Wasp Jak-Hammer three blade expandable broad heads.

My brother Andrew was next to chalk up a kill tagging this nice eight pointer on October 20th. After work Andrew decided to take his climber out on a windy afternoon. After watching this buck make a scrape, he was presented with a 40 yd broadside shot. Andrew got it done with his trusty Barnett Jackal crossbow and Vortex 125 grain expandable broadheads.

Andrew's buck weighed in at 122 pounds.

My son John was the first to tag a buck this year when he killed this 100 lb spike. John killed his buck with a Parker Bushwhacker Crossbow and Rage 100 grain broad heads. The deer came to him chasing two does and he shot the spike while quartering towards him at 5 yds. The bolt passed through the deer but left very little blood to track. With the limited blood trail we were not able to recover the deer until the next day.