Dec 26, 2008

Bow Season 08

My Dad started off the 08 bow season for our hunting party with this six pointer on Oct. 28. The rack is fairly typical of a bloodline that has existed in our hunting grounds for quite some time. In the late 90's he killed a 3.5 year old deer with a double main beam that dressed out a 170lbs. I figure that this deer is 1.5 years old. Buck tag filled for bow just before the opening of extended bow season.

My Uncle Roy Killed this six with the bow 2 day later. I only have one picture of this one which i appropriated from my dads camera.

That wrapped it up for regular bow season.

Extended Bow 08

Extended bow season in NJ is, for most hunters, the prime time to hunt. This is when the rut comes into full swing and bucks throw caution to the wind. This usually translates into your highest chances to kill a nice trophy.

My buddy Andy Killed this really nice six on either the 4th or 5th of November. I myself am a big proponent of fresh kill photography. My cousin had given me a call on the same day that Andy had killed this deer and I rushed right over to get some pictures of it. Little did I know he had already caped out and butchered the same day that he had killed it. I myself like to hang a deer for a few days and admire it. Show it off a little, have a few photo sessions etc. This was a really nice buck, and the only picture that I was able to get of it are in a trash bag like it is about to be thrown in the trash.

After reading this post Andy sent me this picture....
This is a trophy six in my opinion. I know that Andy is giving alot of consideration to having this one mounted.

Next up was my Cousin Mark, a.k.a. Pepe. He killed this nice 9 pointer on Thursday evening November 27. He made the shot close to dark and opted to track the deer the next morning.

Next up with a bow kill was Ryan, a.k.a Budday. Just two days after killing his first buck with the muzzleloader on the first day of muzzleloader season none the less, he goes out and shoots this trophy spike and fills his exstended bow buck tag.

This deer dressed out at 87 lbs and was Ryan's first buck with the bow. He did however kill an antlerless deer on the first day of early bow season of 08, which was his first deer kill ever.