Dec 12, 2004

Shotgun & Muzzle Loader 2004

The 2004 gun season was one of the best years of hunting for us behind my Dads house.

Early Muzzle loader, usually the last Monday and Tuesday of November, was particularly golden for my brother Andrew and my Dad.

Andrew made the first kill of the season, a seven pointer, on the first morning.

Then, my dad shot this eight pointer, the next evening(Tuesday).

My brother and I had actually seen this deer chasing a doe earlier that afternoon while heading out to our stands.

Monday morning, first day of shotgun, i had two does travel by me fast around 7:00 AM . Behind them, moving at a steady pace, was this six pointer.

He came in at about 40 yards and i dropped him in his tracks.

From this tree stand.

The rest of the week it rained and was warm. As far as the deer drives go, we didn't produce anything. It was a general wash out.

After shotgun concluded, Muzzle loader resumed. Hunting from my dads stand, from which he had shot the eight pointer, i had two bucks come into my range. The fist was a small Y buck that i had seen Tuesday of early muzzle loader. The second was a buck i hadn't seen before, and that i considered big enough to shoot.

That concluded the 2007 gun season.

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